Igasa Food Festival

Igasa Food Festival is a continuously-evolving late summer event that showcases the unique South Greenlandic food culture. Sometimes stationed in one town, other times moving from one town to another each weekend, there is always some new element to this long-standing food festival.

Lamb is, of course, a standby but so are turnips so fresh and juicy you eat them straight from their leafy stalks and bite into them just like an apple. And so is iginneq, the Cape Farewell specialty of smoky fermented Hooded seal fat. The point is to share the fruits of the farmers' and hunters' labour and gather together for the simple joy of togetherness.
Food has the power to unite everyone.

Pop-up Festivals

Local sheep farmers have become quite inspired by the concept of a food festival and have begun to hold their own mini food festivals on their farms. Full of local flair and the freshest vegetables in the country,  but only for those with flexible schedules able to act on a whim in search of delicious dinner!