At the intersection of two indescribably gorgeous and long fjords, in what feels like the very tip of the entire massive country, lies the remote Aappilattoq. It is a small settlement of just over one hundred people living primarily off of fishing. Local operators from Nanortalik often include a day trip to Aappilattoq to give a sense of the different sizes and flairs of places to live around the region.

Ironically enough, this settlement sometimes multiplies by a power of ten or more when cruise ships call in the summer. Though it is a small settlement in comparison, the residents welcome the curious visitors.  

Did you know?

Aappilattoq means “the red thing” and is a reference to the geology of the large mountain whose foot the settlement rests at.

Many say that Aappilattoq is the southernmost inhabited place in Greenland because it is the last place along the sailing route. However, based on its coordinates, it is technically not the furthest south.

The settlement lies at the exact middle of the west coast and east coast. Check the map and notice the meeting point of Torsukattak sound which runs from southwest to northeast, like all fjords on the west coast, and Ikerasassuaq which runs from northwest to south east, as all east coast fjords do.
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