Museum Visit

Museums are like time capsules for Greenlandic history. Old photos mixed with innovative new technologies bring everything to life from 13th century Viking garments found in Herjolfsnes (an area close to Narsarmijit) to a single life ring, the only acknowledged piece of wreckage from the mysterious disappearing act that was
the Hans Hedtoft shipwreck in 1959.

And for those who say museums are not really their style, just try it and see how quickly you get sucked in. 
South Greenland's museums are truly impressive.

A Variety of Museums

The three museums in towns in South Greenland are run by Kommune Kujalleq, the municipality of South Greenland. These are Nanortalik, Narsaq and Qaqortoq.

One museum is privately owned, the Narsarsuaq Museum.

Two additional mini museums have recently been created by Kujataa, the South Greenland UNESCO office, in Igaliku and Qassiarsuk. They feature, naturally, the UNESCO world heritage with timelines about both Viking and Inuit agriculture.

Local Operators ready to welcome you

Nanortalik Museum

Narsaq Museum

Narsarsuaq Museum

Qaqortoq Museum