Qanisartuuni Unnuisarfik /
Qanisartuut Hostel

Qanisartuuni Unnuisarfik is a sunny house on the lake at Qanisartuut Farm, halfway in Igaliku Fjord from Qaqortoq. As the former private home of the sheep farmer owners, you will find family photos on the wall adding to the cosy welcoming feeling. The backcountry is immense, with sheep paths or the dirt road to lead you all the way in to the Greenland Ice Sheet, for those with high physical fitness. But please do not walk through the bright green grass fields.

The hostel has space for 10 guests with single, double and triple rooms. There is a fully-equipped kitchen where guests are welcome to prepare their own meals. It is also possible to order breakfast, lunch and dinner a la carte.

Kayak rentals are available for experienced kayakers.

There is neither wifi nor cellular service.


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