Narsarsuaq is a fjord oasis. There is no fixed schedule other than to busy yourself with everything that gets you close to the nature. Day hikes in the forest or the longer trek inland to the Greenland Ice Sheet. A rocky beach turning into a mud flat gives no less than a million opportunities to find a lucky stone or beautiful shells as a small natural souvenir. Here you will find peace and the free time you have been searching so hard for. 

This inland settlement is also a very important gateway to South Greenland. Still recycling the runway built by Americans during the World War II period when USA protected Greenland, this settlement has the only airport in the region. Being that everyone must pass through Narsarsuaq in one way or another, both on the way in and on the way home again, it often feels like a small reunion on travel day. 

The Greenlandic Arboretum,
a national site

Nearly everywhere in the world has trees, so they are perhaps not especially unique or eye-catching in themselves. But when you think that glaciers, snow, icebergs and polar darkness are the most common associations with the Greenlandic landscape, trees become one of the biggest surprises the country has to offer. Veritable forests such as the Greenlandic Arboretum and the nearby Qanassiassat forest, as well as others in the region, can only be found in South Greenland. It is a MUST to come to Narsarsuaq to bathe in the scents and sounds of the forest.
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