If you are looking for quiet coastal towns with little cruise traffic, Narsaq is an ideal destination. It is halfway between Narsarsuaq and Qaqortoq, and it is a standby on the "golden triangle" route in the northern fjords.

Aim to come to Narsaq around the time of the week-long Narsap Ilua festival. Musical performances and trips to the food tent are punctuated by activities for children and taking a leisurely walk to the hills to look for
crowberries ripening ahead of schedule. 

Local Brews

Narsaq is where the regions only brewery, Qajaq Brewery, creates a tasty array of weiss beer, IPAs and lagers with ingredients pulled right from the nature. In just a few years' time, they expanded to distribute throughout the country with both bottles and kegs, and word on the street is, they will soon be exporting to choice international locations.
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