On the back side of Qaqortoq, right down at the coastline, there’s a little sauna with a fabulous view into the fjord and mountains! Wellness can be so many things, but anytime there is fresh air, great nature and invigorating experiences for the senses involved, it is guaranteed to be just the experience you body and mind needed. The crisp air on your cheeks and the walk down to the sauna from town (anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending where you're coming from) gets the blood and heart rate pumping. Then the warm steam and aesthetic oils of a special saunagus session (and a polar plunge or two, if you’re up for it!), leaves your whole body feeling so refreshed and energised.
You definitely will not regret these few hours of total relaxation!
Rent the sauna for a few DIY hours with your friends/family/colleagues, or hire the certified saunagus master to lead a full session with essential oils and an alternating program of sauna time and refreshing dips in the fresh Arctic water.
Would you hop in the fjord!? What if we said that relaxing in this amazing sauna afterward was just 20 seconds away!
Step 1: Get the wood fire going so it’s nice and toasty inside the sauna.
Step 2: Sit and sweat out all the toxins!
Step 3: Shock your lymphatic system by jumping into the refreshing fjord!
Step 4: Repeat many times - trust us, it’s a little addicting!


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