Food Events

These locally-driven sustainable food events are an inspiration and invitation to all to join in the Greenlandic food revolution.
Food has the power to unite everyone!

Learn about our 2021 EMBLA Food Award nominated events here!

Food Tour

Greenland's EMBLA Food Award 2021 Nominee: Food for Many
Igapall Food Tour in South Greenland was a fantastic gastronomic initiative from Igapall founders Salik Parbst Frederiksen and Miki Siegstad. Igapall Food Tour is a pure celebration of Greenlandic chefs and the beautiful melting pot of Greenlandic ingredients that is South Greenland.
Lamb is, of course, a standby but there are more ways to prepare and serve it than you probably knew existed! Another standby here is turnips - so fresh and juicy you can eat them straight from their leafy stalks and bite into them just like an apple. And the potatoes that the farmers grow on their individual farms are naturally the perfect compliment to any lamb dish.
And so is iginneq, the Cape Farewell specialty of smoky fermented Hooded seal fat. All the usual suspects and then some graced the plates of the three- and five-course dinners that got served everywhere from Narsaq to Nanortalik to Qaqortoq. The point is to share the fruits of the farmers' and hunters' labour and gather together for the simple joy of togetherness.   
Over the course of two weeks, these connoisseurs travelled to three towns in South Greenland sourcing food from local fishermen, farmers and hunters, collaborating with students at Greenland's one and only culinary school, Inuili, and finally opening a pop-up restaurant in each town with gorgeous 3-course and 5-course tasting menus.

Food Festival

Greenland's EMBLA Food Award 2021 Nominee:
Food Destination
Every summer, Otto, Paarnannguaq & Nukappiaaluk Nielsen opens their farm and arms to the local South Greenland community to host Tasiluk Food Festival. 
As a self-sustaining fishing, farming and hunting household, they have the privilege of accessing the most delicious Greenlandic ingredients from soil and sea. They feel a strong sense of connection to their surroundings, and that includes their community. They believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat quality Greenlandic food in the company of their family and friends, served with heart and soul.
Therefore, they work all year long preserving and preparing beautiful dishes that highlight the food they grow, hunt and fish themselves, and they have done so for the last ten years. Eating in a “hyper-local” way may be the trendy word for their Tasiluk Food Festival on Tasiluk Sheep Farm, but for them, it is their daily life and cultural tradition.
Thank you to the Nielsen Family of Tasiluk Sheep Farm and Tasiluk Food Festival for all your hard work through so many years to bring the entire community into your amazing journey with sulf-sufficiency, sustainability and culinary goodness.
This food festival was the most amazing show of hard work and respect for local ingredients I've ever seen!
– Traveller from UK

Igasa Food Festival

This food festival has been through many iterations over the years, but the foundation is always the sustainable use of local ingredients to make delicious dishes that put smiles of gratitude on peoples' faces. In recent years, Igasa Food Festival has been a travelling event in which local chefs pop from town to town to offer intro cooking courses for kids, challenge the students at Inuili Culinary School to a 'cooking duel' and even open pop-up restaurants for the public in which the entire menu is created and executed in under 72 hours!
See photos from Igasa Food Festival 2022
All photos by Hans-Peter N. Bay