The gateway to extreme adventure.
If South Greenland is the Patagonia of the North,
that makes Nanortalik Puerto Varas.

Nanortalik lies on an island at the mouth of Tasermiut Fjord, the place that transcends every trekker's, mountain climber's and adventurer's bucket list. The town is just big enough to be a solid base camp before heading into the wild, but it is also small enough that it makes your eventual return to civilisation a nice and gradual one.

Nanortalik for the Globetrotter

Nanortalik Museum is the largest local museum in the country. It is an open-air journey amongst a dozen renovated colonial buildings, each with its own extensive exhibit.

Day hikes to the uninhabited part of the island lead to the tops of two nearby mountains and along the coastline where the old settlement Sissarissoq once was. Some of its buildings were actually moved to Nanortalik.

Music is a big part of the local culture. There is always live music at one of the local bars, and women take pride in donning the intricate
national costume and singing in the choir.
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