Everyone knows the direct, don't-pass-go way to people's hearts is through their stomachs.

Kaffemik is a classic Greenlandic tradition to celebrate monumental life events and regular old birthdays by giving coffee & cake and welcoming friends, family, friends of friends and even that person you see and small-smile at every single morning on the way to work, into your home. When the settlement is small enough, everyone is invited.

As an experience for travellers, kaffemik still involves warm drinks and tasty goodies, but it is more of a way to get a close look into locals' homes and learn a bit about their lives through the photos on their walls, their art and carving collections and the stories they want to tell. 

How to Kaffemik

Greenlanders do not wear shoes inside the house. In an effort to keep your host's home clean, consider removing your shoes. Unless, of course, there is a circumstance which makes it difficult for you to do so.

Some travellers bring a small gift for their host as a token of cultural exchange. While this is not at all expected, it is not rude to do so. Something which represents you or where you come from would be a lovely gesture.

Ask questions! Every host does Kaffemik for travellers because they like meeting new people and mutual sharing of stories.

Last but not least, try as many of the cakes as possible! 

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