Local Operators

Nothing beats local knowledge and know-how. Nothing. It is we who know these mountains and inlets like the backs of our hands, also in their winter versions, and it is only we who can share stories about our family members who helped start the inuit agriculture tradition. Discovering our vast back yard is in our blood, just as you have an inner drive to experience the world’s less trodden paths. We, too, are explorers by nature, and we want to be the ones to show you our beautiful country.

Here in South Greenland there is a solid group of local tour companies ready to take you on your next adventure, be that by boat, helicopter or your own two feet. And with a range of accommodations from hotels to private cabins to farm hostels - all with exquisite views - you are sure to find the right place that fits your style. The vast majority of companies are small and family-owned, so you are guaranteed to get welcoming and personalised service.

Explore our local operators below. 

Tour Operators

Adventure Tours

Blue Ice Explorer

Greenland Sagalands

Hunter's Eye in South Greenland

Leif Eriksson Marathon

Nanoq Mining

Nanortalik Boat Charter

Nanortalik Tourism Service

Polar-tut Narsarsuaq

Qaqortoq Marathon

Riding Greenland / Inneruulalik Guestfarm

Sermeq Helicopters

South Greenland Boat Charter 44

Tasermiut Camp

Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions

Tasikuluulik Adventure Race

60 North


Bed & Breakfast Illunnguujuk

Holstebro - Qaqortoq Hostel

Hotel Kap Farvel

Hotel Narsaq

Hotel Narsarsuaq

Hotel Qaqortoq

Igaliku Farm Holiday

Ipiutaq Guest Farm

Isortoq Outfitters / Caribou

Kangerluarsorujuk Cabin

Kielsen’s B&B

Narsaq Farm House

NTS Rooms

Nunataaq Farm Hostel

Qanisartuuni Unnuisarfik

Qorlortup Itinnera

Seaside Whale Hotel

Sermilik Hostel


Sillisit Hostel

Siniffik Inn

Sulisartut Højskoliat

Wig-Wam Accommodation


Air Greenland

Disko Line

Icelandair (formerly Air Iceland Connect)

Other points of interest

Campus Kujalleq

Disko Line

Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage

Nanortalik Museum

Narsaq Museum

Narsarsuaq Museum

Qaqortoq Museum

Great Greenland