Qorlortup Itinnera

The guesthouse at Qorlortup Itinnera Farm is filled with charm and character, including a cosy open floor plan living room and kitchen. There are 8 single beds (some of which are bunk beds), distributed between two bedrooms, plus a sleeper sofa in the living room that can fit 2 additional persons, if needed. The name of the farm hints that there is a waterfall nearby, and indeed there is - it is the farmers' source for hydropower.

Guests can take day hikes, drive with UTV, fish and grill near the farm and its backcountry.
It's also part of the Farm Holiday Greenland experience where one can walk from one farm to the next and take a few nights at each place.

The farm is located within the boundaries of Area 1 of Kujataa, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Site Manager calls one of his absolute favourite places in the entire site, so needless to say, if you are a history buff looking to immerse yourself in the Viking landscape, this is a good choice!

Enjoy South Greenland's farm country on Qorlortup Itinnera Farm!
Rent a UTV from Qorlortup Itinnera Farm
and discover Tunulliarfik Fjord in its entirety!
1 Person

In own sleeping bag, no meals
DKK per night

With bed linens & breakfast
DKK per night

2 Persons

With bed linens & breakfast
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