Where to stay

South Greenland has a wide range of accommodations from a 4-star hotel to unique houses & cabins at area sheep farms to mid-range hotels & guesthouses.

If you are planning to camp for all or part of your stay, we kindly ask that you remember two golden rules - leave no trace, and please do not walk through or pitch tents on the sheep farmers’ bright green grass fields.


Bed & Breakfast Illunnguujuk

Hotel Kap Farvel

Hotel Narsaq

Hotel Narsarsuaq

Hotel Qaqortoq

Igaliku Farm Holiday

Igaliku Hotel & Lodges

Kangerluarsorujuk Cabin

Kielsen’s B&B

Narsaq Farm House

Narsarsuaq Hostel

NTS Rooms

Polar-tut Flats

Qanisartuuni Unnuisarfik

Qassimiut Hunter's House

Qorlortup Itinnera

Seaside Whale Hotel

Serano House

Sermilik Hostel


Sillisit Hostel

Siniffik Inn

Sleep in Narsaq

Sulisartut Højskoliat

Waterfall Retreat

Wig-Wam Accommodation

Wild Greenland

60 North