Wherever your two feet stand, there is a hiking opportunity. Follow the sheep farmers' roads from one farm to the next or go off the beaten track through rough terrain. Those reaching the southern fjords will be delighted to hardly see a soul
the entire time.

There are only two golden rules to hiking in Greenland: leave no trace and please go around the farmers' grass fields.

Fabulous Day Hikes

Alluitsup Paa
To Alluitsoq

Illerfissalik mountain

Qaqqarsuasik mountain

Narsap Ilua

Signal Hill
Hospital Valley
Kiattut Glacier

Around the lake
Munkebugt valley
The big mountain

To Tasiusaq or Nunataaq sheep farms
To Inneruulalik or Sillisit sheep farms

Safety First

If hiking alone, always tell someone where you are headed and when you expect to complete the route. Follow up with that person to confirm you have reached your destination.

Protect yourself in the unlikely yet unwanted situation of a bear encounter. Take bear spray and flares, and have easy access to any loud noise makers, like your cooking pots.

Read more about wildlife encounters.

Local Operators ready to welcome you

Adventure Tours

Blue Ice Explorer

Greenland Sagalands

Isortoq Outfitters / Caribou

Leif Eriksson Marathon

Nanortalik Boat Charter

Nanortalik Tourist Service

Tasermiut Camp

Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions