Wherever your two feet stand, there is a hiking opportunity. Follow the sheep farmers' roads from one farm to the next or go off the beaten track through rough terrain. Those reaching the southern fjords will be delighted to hardly see a soul
the entire time.

There are only three golden rules to hiking in Greenland: 1) leave no trace, 2) leave gates as you found them (in other words, if you open a gate to pass through, please make sure to close it behind you again), and 3) please do not walk through the farmers' bright green, lush grass fields.

Fabulous Day Hikes

Illerfissalik mountain
Waterfall route

Qaqqarsuasik mountain

Narsap Ilua

Signal Hill
Hospital Valley
Kiattuut Glacier

Around the lake
Saqqarsik mountain
Hare mountain
Killavaat mountain

To Tasiusaq sheep farm
To Inneruulalik & Sillisit sheep farms

See here for a selection of route descriptions

Are you looking for a truly adventurous route that is definitely off the beaten track?
Check out our brand new South Greenland Remote Hiking Guide!

Safety First

We always recommend first and foremost to use local certified tour companies and guides when out in the nature for hiking holidays, camping trips and other outdoor adventures. These are the people with the local knowledge and 'sixth sense' about our backcountry and wild nature, not to mention first responder certifications (in many cases) and bear safety protocols.

If, however, you will be going out into the backcountry alone, we would like to offer a few key guidelines for those camping on their own without a local guide.

Leave no trace.

Take every single piece of trash you create back with you, and burn all toilet paper instead of stuffing it in the nature.

Inform someone of where you are headed and how long you plan to be away.
Follow up with that person to confirm you have reached your destination.

Do not camp on (or walk on) farmers' bright green grass fields.

Carry and turn on a VHF radio, if you will be within sight of a fjord or the sea.
If you will be deep in a valley, carry a satellite phone.

Protect yourself in the unlikely yet unwanted situation of a polar bear encounter.
We always say that one must be prepared for what can happen, instead of what is likely to happen.
Take flares (sold at local shops), and have easy access to any loud noise makers, like your cooking pots. 
Read more about wildlife encounters.

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