South Greenland
Remote Hiking Guide

The mountains are calling!
South Greenland is full of hiking opportunities. In the northern fjords, the routes are simple to follow as the sheep farmers' roads (or the narrow pathways trodden by sheep themselves) lead the way. The landscape is mostly rolling hills close to the fjord, with clear summits here and there and plenty of inhabited places in a decent vicinity. The further south one goes, however, the rougher and more remote the landscape gets. Read: our southern fjords are filled with endless peaks, altitudes easily nearing 2000 meters, and hardly a soul around.
We have teamed up with a hiking adventurer and photographer living in South Greenland, Lasse Gunnersen, to bring you information about a selection of the more off-the-beaten-track hiking options in South Greenland, with varying difficulties. Here you will find beautiful photographs to inspire you about the landscape through which you will hike or trek, as well as written descriptions of the route. You can also download the routes as vector files that can be opened in your preferred mobile map application. 
Explore routes below!
Itillersuaq - Tasiusaq trek
Suikkassuaq base hike
Iviangiusat summit hike
Stordalen Havn summit hike
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