Visit South Greenland 
is the brand pseudonym for the tourism department at Innovation South Greenland (ISG).
We are first and foremost a regional marketing organisation.
We are ultimately here to inspire your exploring spirit to come discover South Greenland
and to connect you with the wide network of local tour companies, accommodations
and guides. 

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ISG is the regional business development company for the entire region, and it focuses on several industries. Within the tourism industry, ISG is considered the regional destination management organisation. 
Sarah Woodall is the Tourism Destination Manager.
She has a diverse and solid career with tourism administration in Greenland at the national level and now at the regional level. While her focus is tourism, she works on a team at Innovation South Greenland that is dedicated to business development and entrepreneurship across several industries.
Sarah E. Woodall
Tourism Destination Manager
Innovation South Greenland A/S


Travellers are welcome to contact us with any inquiries.
We will gladly help answer your questions and connect you further with the local operators, with whom you can make bookings. 

We keep daily close contact with local operators. We will assist in any way possible including help with product development & marketing, communication with other stakeholders, and more.

If you are media or an international agent looking to create sustainable business partnerships or content partnerships with local operators, we can support these efforts and help make meaningful connections. You also have the opportunity to meet us at several travel trade shows and conferences in the North Atlantic and the world.
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+299 54 44 27
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