Town Walk

Walking through town is the way to get a feel for everyday life in our small South Greenlandic towns and settlements. Our shops give a hint at what clothing style we like, and our clean, flower-rich pathways show off that we value a clean city. 

Remember to go off the path sometimes, look around the corner and even get lost a tiny bit. To be curious about new places and to add a touch of uncertainty is at the root of adventure. Unexpected gems are hidden all over. 


Alluitsup Paa
B-70, the original oil refinery

E47, the entire area 2 of the UNESCO World Heritage Site
Church (museum)

Flagpole lookout in colonial harbour
Knud Rasmussen's stone
Gravestone of Christian Poulsen, formerly named Allaaritaa, the last shaman to travel to the south from the east coast

Qajaq Brewery
Sanasa mural at Narsaq School
Inuili cooking school

Arboretum & Signal Hill lookout
Standing chimney in Hospital Valley

The big lake
Great Greenland furhouse
Stone & Man art walk

E29, the entire area 1 of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, including churchyard
Artwork by Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen
Inuit turfhouse ruins
Otto Frederiksens house (museum)

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