Qaqortoq is the creative souls' town.

An uncanny number of painters, sculptors, filmmakers and musicians have their roots in the largest town in South Greenland. With such a flair for artistry and cultivation of beauty within the self, it is no coincidence that the homes and gardens around Qaqortoq are some of the most aesthetically pleasing in the country. Several people have artwork on the exteriors of their homes and even use window frames as an opportunity to express a love of design. The nice stone pathways and staircases that lead throughout town complete the beautiful town look. 

Classic Sights

Stone & Man art walk

Fountain in town center

Life ring from the mysterious sinking of  MS Hans Hedtoft (in the Old Church)

Tasersuaq, the big lake

Qaqortoq Museum & annexes
Great Greenland furhouse

Qaqortoq Library

Fish market

Outlook from the top of the hill (Princesse Benediktesvej)

Pølsevogn66, hot dog stand at the harbour

Tele Museum
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Local Operators ready to welcome you

Arctic Hiking

Disko Line

Great Greenland

Greenland Sagalands

Hotel Qaqortoq

Hunter's Eye In South Greenland

Kielsen's B&B

Qaqortoq Marathon

Qaqortoq Museum

Sermeq Helicopters

Siniffik Inn

Sulisartut Højskoliat

Wig-Wam Accommodation

60 North