How to get around

Upon arrival to South Greenland, there are several choices for commercial transportation to get around the region,
generally by boat or helicopter.

In the event of booking a package tour, do check if town-to-town transportation is included in your itinerary.

By boat

Disko Line, the official regional transportation company, offers two styles of boat transfer year round - with a slow-sailing boat and with fast-sailing boats - between all the towns and settlements in South Greenland. There are a range of prices and sailing times to best suit your needs. Online booking available.

Polar-tut Narsarsuaq, a local charter sailing company, offers boat transfers by fast-sailing boat between Narsarsuaq, Narsaq and Qaqortoq, and often to the settlements of Qassiarsuk and Igaliku, if requested. They publicise fixed departure times just a few days in advance, so this option works best for travellers with very flexible schedules.

By helicopter

Disko Line also offers helicopter flights between all the towns and settlements in South Greenland, year-round. Online booking available.

Sermeq Helicopters, a local charter helicopter company, sometimes runs ‘transport with a perk’ flights to get you from A to B with a little detour to somewhere amazing like the Greenland Ice Sheet or well-preserved Viking ruins. This option works best for travellers with very flexible schedules as they are typically advertised with short notice.

Sermeq Helicopters is also always available for charter flights to take you and up to 5 others exactly where you want to go without having to be confined to fixed departure times.  

Local Operators ready to welcome you

Disko Line

Polar-tut Narsarsuaq

Sermeq Helicopters