UNESCO World Heritage Site

South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site is Kujataa Greenland: Norse and Inuit Farming at the Edge of the Ice Cap.
It celebrates Arctic farming culture that spans a one-thousand year timeline from the Viking era of the 10th-15th centuries to present day. This agricultural trend is unique in Greenland and highly unique in the world. South Greenland is the only place in the entire Arctic where people gradually shifted from hunting as the primary means of subsistence to agriculture. To experience this special tradition is to get a look at part of the globe's most industrious population.

UNESCO World Heritage status puts South Greenland on the map for Sightseers and UNESCO world travellers. It gives a reason to go, and it also helps drive travel to multiple regions in Greenland for those wanting to check off visiting all three World Heritage Sites in the country. But even for the globetrotter who would visit an intriguing area no matter what, the UNESCO name adds a whole level of storytelling and services you may not have otherwise encountered.
During the summer season, authorised Site Guides in Igaliku and Qassiarsuk are ready to lead you on a guided tour of the site including the ruin areas as well as the Information Center. You will most likely also meet locals and a few farm animals along the way as both Igaliku and Qassiarsuk are currently-inhabited farming settlements. 

Tickets can be purchased with credit card at Igaliku Country Hotel in Igaliku and at Cafe Thorhildur in Qasssiarsuk. 
Download the "KUJATAA" app in the App Store to get a wonderful interactive resource that can show you exactly where you are in the heritage area with pop-up information about the ruin right in front of you. 
In the heritage areas you will find signs with maps of the area as well as basic guidelines for what to do / not to do in the heritage areas in order to preserve the nature of the cultural ruins as well as respect the daily lives of the locals who live here and run working farms here.
This film was created for and launched at the QANGA Exhibit at the Palais de Rumine in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Greenlandic artist Konrad Nuka Godtfredsen is highlighted at the exhibit, including several of his drawings that depict KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site. This film accompanies his drawings.
The exhibit will be available from 13 May 2022 through 29 January 2023.

How to get to the 5 areas

Area 1: Qassiarsuk
Day excursion by boat or heli, Farm stay,
Trek from Narsaq or Narsarsuaq

Area 2: Igaliku
Day excursion by boat or heli, Farm stay,
Trek from Qaqortoq 

Area 3: Sissarluttoq
Trek from Igaliku or Qaqortoq

Area 4: Tasikuluulik (Vatnahverfi)

Day excursion by boat, Farm stay, Trek from Alluitsup Paa

Area 5: Qaqortukulooq (Hvalsey)
Day excursion by boat or heli, Trek from Igaliku or Qaqortoq

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Kujataa, UNESCO World Heritage

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