Helicopter Flying

Everything about flying with a helicopter is exhilarating, from the sound of the rotorblades starting up to becoming weightless and getting a panorama view of every mountain range from the west coast to the east. Those who think maps and sea charts are interesting will think helicopter flying is fascinating - every peninsula and archipelago comes to life and suddenly the turquoise blue shallow waters reveal themselves.
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Places to see by helicopter

The Greenland Ice Sheet

Marine glaciers, all of them!

Qaqortukulooq, the Hvalsey Church in the UNESCO
World Heritage Site

Uunartoq Hot Springs

Ivittuut, a former mining settlement whose lavish architecture still stands today

Mountaintops like Killavaat, Suikkassuaq & Ulamertorsuaq

Local Operators ready to welcome you

Sermeq Helicopters