Greenland and kayaking are a match made in heaven. It was the original way to get anywhere along Greenland's coast, and men paddled all day, every day for entire summers to reach the next couple of fjords for hunting. These days kayaking is just pure fun, so while the purpose has changed, amazingly the view has not! Our landscapes are still completely undeveloped.

Guided tours or rentals

Kayak rentals are available in Narsarsuaq where you can paddle in shallow water near the mudflats, follow the Jurassic Park-esque coastline away from town or find some brilliant blue ice to marvel at.

Guided tours are offered out of Narsaq, Qassiarsuk and Tasiusaq farm.

And if you, by chance, have brought your own kayak along, you might find it interesting to drop by the local kayaking club to see if anyone wants to go out. In Qaqortoq, Qajaq Qaqortoq club at the harbour has hosted the annual National Kayaking Championship competition. 

Local operators ready to welcome you

Blue Ice Explorer

Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions