Sermilik Hostel

Sermilik Hostel is a perfect accommodation for history buffs and travellers who want to get to know locals a bit. The farm property is dotted with well-preserved Viking ruins, making for nice on-site sightseeing in addition to the hiking opportunities (but please do not walk through the bright green grass fields). Located 5 km west of Qassiarsuk, by road, this sheep farm accommodation overlooks an iceberg-filled fjord bottom that is so placid most people think its is a lake.

Split between two houses, there is space for 24 guests. Both houses have kitchens where guests are welcome to prepare their own meals. It is also possible to order breakfast, bag lunch and dinner a la carte. 

Internet connection available via wifi hotspot for purchase. 

This company has a valid Wilderness First Responder safety certificate. 

1 Person

In own sleeping bag, no meals
330 DKK per night

With bed linens & breakfast
870 DKK per night
2 Persons

With bed linens & breakfast
1350 DKK total, per night
Children age 3-12 years
In own sleeping bag, no meals
220 DKK per night

85 DKK

Lunch pack
65 DKK

235 DKK
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3921 Narsaq  
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