Farm Holiday

South Greenland is the only place in the world with widespread Arctic agriculture, built upon the ancient farm settlements established by Vikings up to a millennium ago, whose ruins are still visible today. Stay at local sheep farmers' guesthouses and cabins to immerse yourself in this incredibly unique culture upheld by the most generous and genuine - and hard working - people you could ever imagine to meet.

Engaging Interaction

The beauty of a farm holiday is getting close to the people who are closest to the land. More so than others, sheep farmers are in the outdoors day in and day out. They tend to their fields in summer and cross every hill on foot or horseback collecting their sheep in autumn. They are tuned in to the weather and changing climate, knowing first-hand how this effects their fields and flocks. 
All of the sheep farms with accommodations and experiences for travellers are listed on this map.

Package Routes

With so much hospitality to go around, you simply can't visit just one farm!
We suggest making a whole route out of a handful of farms.

There are many farms concentrated in the Qassiarsuk area, with several others across the fjord or in the next fjords over.

Note: these packages assume 2 nights per farm. For farms located in different areas, a boat transfer is necessary.
Boat transfers are not included in these packages.

Local Operators ready to welcome you

Bed & Breakfast Illunnguujuk

Cafe Thorhildur

Pioti Igaliku
(Igaliku Farm Holiday)

Kangerluarsorujuk Cabin

Qanisartuuni Unnuisarfik

Qorlortup Itinnera

Riding Greenland / Inneruulalik Guestfarm

Sermilik Hostel

Sillisit Hostel

Kujataa, UNESCO World Heritage