Sheep Farms

Sheep farms dot the intricate and vast landscape of South Greenland, primarily in the northern fjords, but also to some extent in the mountainous Tasermiut Fjord, a southern fjord. In total, there are 37 sheep farms plus two reindeer herders and one dedicated cattle farm in our verdant south. From the air, their bright green cleared fields are the tell-tale sign of their locations and are a visual homage to the sheep farmers' incredible hard work and visionary spirit. To see a blank slate landscape and think this would be the perfect place to tend an Arctic farm in relative solitude takes imagination and willpower.

Sheep farmers are explorers by nature; they are open-minded, curious and engaging - about their environment and also about other people. About a quarter of the sheep farmers have guesthouses or hostels on their properties so adventurers with the same exploratory spirit can stay close to them and discover the South Greenlandic farm culture.

Package Routes

One of the classic experiences is to experience several farms in a row. You can either backpack from one farm to the next, or you can hire baggage transfer and walk yourself on the gravel roads. There are many farms concentrated in the Qassiarsuk area, with a handful of others across the fjord or in the next fjords over.

Note: For farms located in different areas, a boat transfer is necessary.
Boat transfers are not included in these packages.

Sheep Farm Settlements

In the cases of Igaliku and Qassiarsuk, collections of closely-concentrated sheep farms have actually gained settlement status, meaning there are certain necessities that the municipality and national government ensure, like regular deliveries by container ship and harbours for these ships and tourist boats to dock beside.

Local Operators ready to welcome you

Bed & Breakfast Illunnguujuk

Cafe Thorhildur

Pioti Igaliku
(Igaliku Farm Holiday)

Kangerluarsorujuk Cabin

Qanisartuuni Unnuisarfik

Qorlortup Itinnera Guesthouse

Riding Greenland / Inneruulalik Guestfarm

Sermilik Hostel

Sillisit Hostel

Kujataa UNESCO World Heritage

Isortoq Outfitters / Caribou Reindeer Station