Alluitsup Paa

Alluitsup Paa is a settlement south of Qaqortoq with a lovely little getaway hotel by the sea. It is not your average settlement, as many quite unique narratives surround its area. A few days here makes the perfect add-on for a stay in Nanortalik or Qaqortoq, and you will certainly have an experience different from others'.

Must See's and Do's

B-70, a house from 1830 which was the original oil refinery where fat was treated for heating.

Uunartoq hot springs, just in the fjord.

Alluitsoq, the former German missionary headquarter town, just in the fjord, accessible by boat or hiking.

Gold mining areas, just in the fjord.

The heliport. No other heliport in Greenland has this architecture, especially with its walk-around terrace.
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