That feeling when there is no end in sight.
In the best way possible.

Only trekkers know the joy of being deep in the backcountry 
with nothing and no one around aside from untouched nature
for as long as your heart desires. Well, except sheep. In South Greenland, there are always a few sheep around.

While the first few days are fun and adventurous, it is the days after which really bring the peace
and connection with the landscape.
Reality sets in that you are far from everything and truly
immersed in the wilderness.

Popular Treks in the South

Alluitsup Paa to Kangerluarsorujuk farm
Igaliku to Qaqortoq
Kangerluarsorujuk farm to Igaliku Kujalleq farm
Narsaq to Qassiarsuk
Narsaq to Narsarsuaq
Itillersuaq to Tasersuaq (Tasermiut Fjord)
Tasiusaq to Ulamertorsuaq mountain

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