Hot Springs

Luxury is: soaking in a nature-made hot spring on a nearly deserted island looking into a huge fjord landscape full of gold, a few small settlements and mountains as far as the eye can see. Granted, there is no full-service spa center here, but the peacefulness and the sheer exclusivity will make you forget all about a masseuse and that CD of trickling water sounds. This is the natural spa.

Simplicity is the key at Uunartoq Hot Springs. A single well-trodden dirt path leads you on a few minutes' walk from the harbour up to the springs. Sometimes the steam from the 37 degree water rises from the water surface, almost silently hissing in a way. It is magical! Suddenly the two small buildings pop up on the horizon, and you're there. 
Uunartoq Hot Springs in South Greenland, as seen in "Hot Springs, Photos and stories of how the world soaks, swims and slows down"
by Greta Rybus

Enjoy Uunartoq 

For a lovely and enjoyable time at Uunartoq for yourself and those who will come after you, please remember the following:

Fill up your water bottle before you come. There is nowhere to fetch cool spring water here.

Leave no trace.
Take any trash with you that you brought, so that you leave the island tidy for the next guests.

A pair of slip-on sandals or an extra small towel to wipe your feet will make getting out of the hot springs less of an awkward dance.

There are very simple facilities simply to change clothes. There are no restrooms, showers or electricity.
Get inspired by a wellness weekend with a soak in the Uunartoq Hot Springs and a stay at Seaside Whale Hotel in the nearby small settlement of Alluitsup Paa.

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