Travel Planning

Figuring out the special travel tricks and peculiarities to a destination can often be a maze of questions. We want to make it as clear as possible so that you stay within the South Greenland universe and book directly with local operators. If you are ever in doubt, please do not hesitate to email us.

Read about how to get here and then how to get around once you have arrived, plus remember these special tips to make your journey as smooth as possible. Browse local operators and accommodations to fill in the final pieces of your travel planning.

Note that there are four official commercial transport companies that help get you to and fro in South Greenland. They do not have cooperative agreements, so you will have to book each leg individually, regardless of whether you are making same-day connections or spending time somewhere before continuing to the next destination. This also means that you will have to handle your baggage in order to transfer from one company to the next.

Air Greenland offers international and national connections to Narsarsuaq, South Greenland. Air Iceland Connect offers international connections to Narsarsuaq. Disko Line offers regional connections from Narsarsuaq to other towns and settlements in South Greenland. Arctic Umiaq Line offers national connections to Narsaq and Qaqortoq, South Greenland.

When coordinating same-day travel with multiple transport companies, do check that there is availability on all portions before booking any portion.

Do be aware of transport companies’ cancellation and ticket change policies. While some companies offer full cancellation opportunity for a higher initial ticket price, others require a surcharge no matter what.

Always leave ample layover time between various portions of transit, keeping in mind the standard check-in times.

Standard check-in time for airplane and helicopter flights is one hour prior to departure. Standard check-in time for boat transfers is half an hour prior to departure.

In spring, typically April and May, there is a natural phenomenon in South Greenland called Sikorsuit - sea ice broken up in the spring thaw in East Greenland that is free to sail with the current around Cape Farewell and northward. It can completely block in harbours, making boat transport slow or impossible.

Disko Line does aim to re-book boat transport passengers to helicopter flights when possible, in the event that boat transport is not possible. By the same token, if helicopter transport is not possible, Disko Line aims to re-book passengers to boat options. There is no financial adjustment to either refund or require additional payment in situations with booking changes made by Disko Line.

Purchase travel insurance. The airlines and local carriers do not have cooperative agreements, so an unfortunate delay during one portion of transit could result in a domino effect to other portions of your travel.

Do be aware that several towns and settlements in South Greenland welcome cruise ships in the summer season from July to September, and ship size can range from a few hundred passengers to a few thousand. In short, it is a lot of people in town at once. Information regarding the cruise schedule can be found here. (Note that this cruise schedule is maintained by the national tourist board, who aims to keep it as updated as possible. Last minute changes made by the ships can occur).