Sillisit Hostel

Sillisit Hostel is a sheep farm accommodation at the end of the road - in other words, a place to find peace and quiet. The property offers a unique walk on the rocky beach along the red stones that give the farm its name. For active guests, hiking to/from any of the surrounding towns, settlements or sheep farms gives both a heart-healthy workout and an unbeatable view of South Greenlandic fjord landscape. But please do not walk through the bright green grass fields.

There is a hostel at Sillisit with space for 14 guests plus two additional private cabins, each with space for 2 guests. The hostel has a kitchen where guests are welcome to prepare their own meals. It is also possible to order breakfast, bag lunch and dinner a la carte. 

Cellular service is available.

This company has a valid Wilderness First Responder safety certificate. 
1 Person

In own sleeping bag, no meals
300 DKK per night

With bed linens & breakfast
885 DKK per night
2 Persons

With bed linens & breakfast
1270 DKK total, per night
Groups of 6 persons or more

In own sleeping bag, no meals
280 DKK per person, per night
1 Person

With bed linens & breakfast
950 DKK per night
2 Persons

With bed linens & breakfast
1300 DKK total, per night

Breakfast buffet
85 DKK

Lunch pack
65 DKK

275 DKK

Kaffemik (min. 6 persons)
135 DKK per person
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