Fishing is the staple industry throughout Greenland, so suffice it to say that when you go fishing here, you are doing participating in one of the most classic activities possible and are treading very close to the Greenlandic way. Even the average local resident is also a hobby fisherman or fisherwoman – taking a bit of time on every family sailing trip to do jig fishing to put a little extra good stuff in the freezer.

Fishing experiences for travellers range from getting a day license for angling at sea to multi-day river angling trips to sailing out with professional fishermen to check the long lines they have set out a few days earlier. If you’re lucky, maybe you can even tag along with the fisherman later as he delivers the freshest catch to a local restaurant.

There is one other well-known fishing experience in Greenland, for those that don’t mind getting their hands dirty… literally! In certain runs of certain rivers, you can actually catch fish with your bare hands! Just make sure to hold on tight.

NOTE: For liability considerations, it is only permitted for registered businesses with passenger-approved boats to sail with travellers commercially. All the companies listed on this website have the appropriate certifications in place to give you a safe and proper experience by boat. 

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