Running Events

Our small region has really begun to create a name for itself as the place for running events.

Throughout summer, there are four opportunities to grab your running shoes and Camel-bak and stretch your legs for 42 of the most scenic kilometres you could dream of. There are three marathons and one multi-day adventure race to choose from, all of which are on terrain or rough sheep farm road.

Hardest Races in the World

Many say our marathons are the hardest races they have challenged themselves with to date. Maybe it is because of the terrain, but it is more like because of the solitude.

With just a few handfuls of marathon participants, a considerable distance can quickly come between you and your fellow runners. Add in the mountainous terrain and suddenly it feels like just you and the Earth you run on - and probably
sheep on-lookers.

For South Greenland running events, mental strength is just as important as physical fitness.

Local Operators ready to welcome you

Leif Eriksson Marathon

Qaqortoq Marathon

Tasikuluulik Adventure Race