Boat Tours

Sailing is the standard transportation here, but it is also your ticket to the remote spots that are otherwise many days' walk from the nearest town. A boat tour takes you sailing simply for the enjoyment of being on the water, and the fjord or anchor point is the destination itself.

In motion or standing still to take in the view, notice the nature around you, alive in its own way. The wind in your hair giving a healthy glow to your cheeks. The fluttering of eider ducks’ wings as they take off in group flight gliding just a few centimetres above the water. Out on deck, you’ll be the first to hear a Humpback whale's blow as it surfaces amid iceberg-filled waters.  

Suggested boat tours

Sailing to Qooqqut Glacier in Tunulliarfik Fjord near Narsarsuaq, to sit amongst the ice popping and bubbling around you. If you are lucky, your captain will fish a piece of ice out of the water for you to try in a drink. And if you are even luckier, the glacier will calve with a low rumbling thunder, sending an iceberg crashing into the water. 

Sailing to Tasermiut Glacier, near Nanortalik, to view the sheer walls and high peaks that pop up one after another the deeper into the fjord you go.

Sailing through Torsukattak Sound in the southernmost tip of the entire country, to the point where the west coast officially meets the east coast.

Local Operators ready to welcome you

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