Cafe Thorhildur is a farmer-owned cafè and gift shop located in the heart of Qassiarsuk and right in component area 1 of KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site. What started as THE place to get frozen yoghurt (and still is!) has blossomed into an establishment that the entire Tunulliarfik Fjord and its visitors cannot live without.

Stop by the cafe for a bite to eat; the menu features lamb dishes like the Farmer's Special sandwich and often a lamb soup, plus other sandwiches, homemade desserts and a kids menu. You can also just enjoy a cold local beer on the terrace! After a day out exploring there's nothing more refreshing. And if you stop by at least once a day for an ice cream, just know you are not the only ones!
Be sure to leave enough time to browse the amazing selection of local gifts. Some items are hyper-local, made by farmers right in the Qassiarsuk area, with local materials (think: yarn and woollen goods, hand cream, dried herbs and sea salt). Other items are sourced from South Greenlandic artists in nearby towns like juniper wood carvings, unique rocks and gemstones and ivory jewelry from antler, tusk and bone.


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