Leif Eriksson Marathon

The Leif Eriksson Marathon is a long-standing annual terrain running event in Qassiarsuk, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Residents and travellers alike run side by side from the settlement out to as many as four sheep farms via a gravel road, getting amazing vistas of the Greenland Ice Sheet and lake-filled backcountry along the way. There are also half-marathon and 10k options. Afterward, everyone has the opportunity to stay for the celebratory dinner.

Come a Runner, Leave a Friend

The Leif Eriksson Marathon is a wonderful blend of running, locals meeting travellers, and historical discovery within the living cultural landscape of our UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In years past, travellers who just so happen to be in Qassiarsuk (and, minor detail, also happen to be marathon runners) have hopped in the registration line on a whim and ended up medaling! Later, they sit amongst locals at the evening gathering and discuss the route and relive the memories from just a few hours earlier.
The camaraderie and bonding that takes place over the shared love of physical challenge is inspiring.


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