Polar-tut Narsarsuaq is a locally-owned tour company that offers a trifecta of experiences based in Narsarsuaq.

Stay in their private flats or hostel, go out on excursions by day to the Qooqqut Icefjord, nearby settlements and farms. You could also go to Narsaq or Qaqortoq for a full-day tour. In the evening, relax on the centrally-located Polar-tut Café's terrace with a delicious shrimp & angelica burger (a town favourite) with a refreshing cold South Greenland microbrew, Qajaq Brewery. 

This company is well-suited for servicing cruise guests.

Polar-tut Narsarsuaq offers two types of accommodation - private flats and a hostel.
Transfer for both arrival and departure are included, whether that be to the airport or the harbour. 
The hostel is on the ground level with primarily private rooms and all shared facilities.

On the first floor you will find four private flats - one single, two doubles, and one with both a double room and a single room. The two double flats share a large fully-stocked kitchen via separate entrance in the hallway.


Polar-tut Flats
Private flats
including wi-fi and linens

Flat 1
1 Double Bedroom
1 Single Bedroom
Full kitchen
1100 dkk / night

Flat 2
1 Single Bedroom
Tea kitchen
600 dkk / night

Flat 3
1 Double Bedroom
Access to a common kitchen on the same floor
900 dkk / night

Flat 4
1 Double Bedroom
Access to a common kitchen on the same floor 
900 dkk / night

Photo credit: Aputsiaq Brandt, Sarah Woodall


Polar-tut Hostel
Small private rooms with shared facilities, kitchen and living room
including linens 

10 rooms with place for 12 guests total
9 Single Bedrooms
1 Triple Bedroom (3 single beds)

400 dkk / person / night
* Note: the Triple Bedroom costs
600 dkk / night total
Photos by: Aputsiaq Brandt
Polar-tut Narsarsuaq offers excursions and boat transfers to Qooqqut Icefjord, Itilleq, Narsaq, Qaqortoq and Qassiarsuk as well as Inneruulalik and Sillisit sheep farms.  It is also possible to charter their boat for small groups looking for tailor-made journeys in South Greenland. 
All excursions begin in Narsarsuaq.

For excursions to individual sheep farms, this excursion only counts as the transportation. You must coordinate your visit at the farm directly with the farmer.

See more here about
Farm Holiday Greenland.
Photos by: Polar-tut Narsarsuaq, Aningaaq R Carlsen - Visit Greenland, Monet Izabeth Eliastam, Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

6 hours in land

250 dkk / person / round trip
One way: 200 dkk / person
6 hours in land

250 dkk / person / round trip
One way: 200 dkk / person
6 hours in land

300 dkk / person / round trip
One way: 250 dkk / person
Itilleq (for access to Igaliku)
6 hours in land

350 dkk / person / round trip
One way: 300 dkk / person

Qooqqut Icefjord
2 hours at the glacier

400 dkk / person
Minimum 4 persons
(45 minute transit time, one way)
4 hours in land

450 dkk / person / round trip
One way: 400 dkk / person
(2 hour transit time, one way)
4 hours in land

600 dkk / person / round trip
One way: 500 dkk / person
2.250 dkk per sailing hour
400 dkk per waiting hour, where applicable