Romantic getaway

The Arctic is the best kept secret for wanderlust honeymooners and couples looking for a unique getaway. But be sure to give yourselves a little more than a long weekend to get here and back - hidden retreats are remote for a reason, and two days in this paradise are not nearly enough.

Granted, the getaway spots are no penthouse suite, but what you don’t find in towels twisted into cheesy swans will be made up with world class views, especially as the autumn sunset season and northern lights season begins. When you share such beautiful and indescribable moments with someone, and you know you are quite possibly the only two who had that experience right there at that moment, you bond in a whole new way. 

Cabin for Two


In a few choice places around South Greenland there are cosy little cabins fit for two, tucked away in idyllic fjords. 

It is here you can cultivate the art of doing nothing, having no plans except to listen to your hearts and do whatever you feel like at that moment.

Local Operators ready to welcome you

Blue Ice Explorer

Sermilik Hostel


Sillisit Hostel