Serano Boat Tours

Serano Boat Tours is a locally-owned and operated boat company offering sailing tours and small, cosy accommodations in Nanortalik, Tasiusaq and soon Aappilattoq.

Serano Boat Tours has two passenger-approved open boats, one with space for 5 guests and the other with space for 10 guests. They can take you anywhere and everywhere your heart desires including Tasermiut Fjord, small settlements, Uunartoq hot springs, Qaqortoq and Tunulliarfik Fjord.

Serano House is a private two-person rental in Tasiusaq, the only settlement in Tasermiut Fjord. It is located approximately one hour from Nanortalik by boat. The house is simple yet cosy, a classic small wooden house in a remote settlement. Just as is typical of residences in this small settlement, there is no running water in the house. Communal bathing and laundry facilities are found in the town gathering building. From Tasiusaq, the popular areas of Tasermiut Fjord (like the big lake, the forest, the farmers) are less than a 10 km hike away, on gravel roads built by sheep farmers themselves. Serano Boat Tours can also offer excursions by small open boat in combination with your stay.

Serano Hostel is a small historic house in the old quarter of Nanortalik. It has space for 6 persons in bunk beds with a cosy dining area and small kitchen. 

Serano Boat Tours is also currently renovating a small house in the settlement of Aappilattoq, approximately two hours from Nanortalik by boat.


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